All Mountain Style Frame Guards Review

First we need to say a few things regarding Allmountainstyle Company.

It’s a small company based in Barcelona, Spain. At the moment they produce only one product, the frame guards. It’s a company created by mountain bikers, that they find a small gap in the market and try to create a nice looking product with no quality issues, that would protect your precious bike frame from any possible “injuries” that might occur while riding.

Most of the new bikes in the market come with “protective” stickers that you can stick on your bike and hope that everything goes well. Only a few come with plastic protective components that will do the job. Most of the stickers though are very small and protect only a small part of the frame while keeping you anxious,  especially if you have purchased a very expensive bike with a carbon frame.

Personally every time a rock hit my frame I was getting really stressed and most often had to stop and check if everything was fine after my ride.

Yes I really love my bike, I might be overreacting, but I believe most of you would if you spend a fortune on a carbon frame bike.

So I was very curious to see if these new frame guards would do the job and contact allmountainstyle straight away.

Their reply was immediate, very professional and the guards were send straight away, with free shipping. (Yes they do free shipping along all European Countries including Greece).

It took approximately 7 days to ship to Greece, and they arrive to me in an A4 envelope.

The guards come into two colors, one black and one transparent.

As you see in the pictures they look great, and you can feel their “snake skin” honeycomb surface that not only it looks great but it does all the hard work.


One of the best things with these guards is that they come in many pieces giving you the freedom to make all combinations possible in order to cover most of your bike frame. So no need for scissors and no need to cut them by yourselves. All you need to do, is take them out of their packaging, and stick them the way you like judging what you believe is most important for you to cover.


How Can I install them?

I went for the black color, and the installation only took me a few minutes.

You can see an installation guide over their website, suggesting you how to clean your bike before installation. Also there is a video that shows all the process.

The guard easily adapts all curves of your bike so you will not have any issues regarding that, and if you make any mistakes you can remove them and install them again without losing their shape or getting stressed. What they suggest though is not to do this again and again, but you will not need to…It’s very easy….


Also you do not need to worry in case of removal if any paint will peel of your bike (it happens sometimes with carbon frame bikes). The sticker is powerful to maintain its position but not so powerful to damage your bikes paint.

Do they do the job?

Obviously I did not try to slam my bike on rocks in order to see if the guards do the job, but what I have noticed while riding my bike is that every time a rock was hitting my frame the sound that it makes is different, softer, and more gentle. After some long rides and descents on any kind of terrain and some rocky sections on trails what I notice was that I never listen to this heartbreaking sound when a rock slams on your frame. I suppose that this honeycomb layer of very little mm of thickness does make the job really well.

Also another thing that I was in mind was if the guards might peel off while I am riding.

Although it’s springtime , here in Greece temperatures rise up to 30-34 degrees Celsius , especially the days after I install the guards and went riding it was extremely hot and I was afraid that the guards may become softer by the high temp and start peeling off. They didn’t, even the small parts maintain their position and even If I try to see if they would come off easily they didn’t.

Ok I like them, where can I purchase them?

At the moment you can purchase them on line by their website. They plan to take their product to most of the stores around the globe, but as a new product it will take a while, so if you wish to purchase them, the only solution at the moment is on line.

Their cost is 22.90 Euros, including shipping cost and you have the option to choose between black color or transparent.

Regarding the price, you might think that it is expensive, but think again! These little “stickers” might save you a lot of money! Most of the bikes that they are in the market they start from 600.00 euros up to thousands. Especially if you are about to buy a carbon frame bike you will spend at least thousands. So 22.90 its nothing compared to the price you pay on a bike and you never know, you might same some hundreds of euros in case something goes really wrong. And don’t forget you don’t have to pay shipping.

They do not promise you that your bike will stay intact regardless what so ever, but I’m sure that they will do the job on many occasions regarding stones hitting your precious frame.  Also they will maintain your frame’s looks if you plan to sell it in the future, so you will not have to lower your price because the frame will be intact.

In a few words

Yes Allmountainstyle guards are 5 star quality products and worth the money. A little pricy some say, but as said before you might save loads of pennies in the future.  Since I install them I have  stopped being worried if any rocks, or gravel will hit my frame, coz most of it is covered by the guards. And don’t forget….they really look and feel great!


What we like

  • They come in many shapes giving you the freedom to make any combinations.
  • Easy installation even if everything goes terribly wrong.
  • They look great.
  • They cover quite a lot of surface regarding other similar products in the market.

What it could be better

  • Pricing, some may say they are expensive
  • It would be great if they had some more patches for the cabling spots.


This is going to be a long term testing, so stay tuned for any news regarding the way that the guards behave in the future….

We would like to thank Allmountainstyle company for giving us the chance to try their 5 star product!  Hola!